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Why should you hire professional movers for piano delivery?

  Why Should You Hire Professional Movers For Piano Delivery ? You can ask two or three of your good friends for help if you want to move your piano to the next room. However, you should not treat this expensive and heavy musical instrument like a piece of furniture when you are moving it to a new place. If you are not equipped and experienced, you should not even move the musical instrument down the stairs. Its wooden body and delicate internal components can easily get damaged. So, you should avoid DIY piano move .  In this article, we have compiled a list of reasons for finding professional piano movers near you.    Avoid injury and damage  Think again if you are planning to move it on your own. It is not easy to move even a small piano when stairs are involved. Doing it yourself not only puts the piano in danger but you as well. There are different types of pianos coming in unique shapes and different sizes. Some pianos even weigh more than 1,000 pounds. These pianos are too hea

What are the dangers of DIY piano moving?

  What Are The Dangers Of DIY Piano Moving ? The piano is an expensive musical instrument that demands great care and skills to relocate. It is unsafe to move it on your own. Mishandling can cause permanent damage to the instrument.  You can save some money by not hiring professional piano movers. However, the  piano moving  cost is less than the amount you will have to spend on repair or replacement of a damaged part. So, why take the risk? It is good to undertake some small DIY projects. However, the piano is a big and heavy musical instrument. This is not a small project.  It takes a professional touch to prepare and move a piano.  If you are still considering DIY piano moving , make sure that you are aware of the dangers involved in this project.    Damage It is a delicate musical instrument having many intricate working components. Your lack of caution can lead to costly repairs. It can also cause damage that is beyond repair. You might have to invest in a new piano. Do you have t

How to move and store a piano safely?

  How To Move and Store a Piano Safely? Once you buy a piano, it’s moving and storage is something you can’t neglect. Not only many people overlook its safety but that’s the main reason why the keyboard doesn’t sustain similar sound production. An abandoned piano is no more than just a musical instrument prone to rust. Rust, for a piano, is moisturizer in the air and if it catches a considerable amount, you won’t find it as useful as brand new.    So, if you want safety while moving and storage of your precious musical instrument, only a professional piano mover can seamlessly guarantee the same. Here are a few tips and tricks we always follow while moving and storage. Go through each of them for a better understanding.  Piano moving It’s ubiquitous to make mistakes when you need to relocate as the piano is just another piece of furniture.  Contacting us will put you in a situation to only supervise the professional services while the experts carry out their task. It’s because of the